Side note to the zero people reading this: I might throw in some past journalling that seems worthwhile in the future, probably way down at the bottom chronologically. Wish I'd started blogging sooner. Also, probably won't post so frequently in coming weeks when I start forgetting I made a blog--undoubtedly for the best.


No news since two days ago, so here's a little 2019 status update to get the ball rolling: Radicool has absolutely broken ground since the new year. We've negotiated a few pretty substantial model deals, hit records sales (somewhere in the ten-thousands on shirts alone this month), and begun a couple collaborations with Off White and VLONE. Horizons are looking bright. Just kidding. Still haven't sold anything hahahahahahahaha. In other news, I transferred from UH to SHSU this semester. It's pretty cool--lots of parties and good atmosphere and such, and my classes seem like fun so far. That's all I've got. Tune in for more astonishing reports.


[I made a blog.] And here we are. This one's for you, Brad.